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Coastal Zone Management (CZM) Federal Consistency

What is the Purpose of this Federal Consistency?
Activities and development affecting coastal resources which involve federal activities, federal licenses or permits, and federal assistance programs (funding) require written Coastal Zone Management (CZM) federal consistency determinations by the Department of Ecology (Ecology). Activities and developments performed by or for federal agencies require a CZM determination be submitted stating that the project is consistent with Washington's Coastal Zone Management Program (WCZMP) to the "maximum extent practicable." Projects obtaining federal permitted/licensed or federal funded projects require a certification that they are consistent with WCZMP. CZM Determinations/Certifications are submitted to Ecology for concurrence, concurrence with conditions, or objection. For more information on the WCZMP, go to the home page link noted in the "Links" section below.
Who Issues this Federal Consistency?
Department of Ecology
What Activities Require this Federal Consistency?
Federal activity, projects requiring a federal license or permit and Federal Assistance Programs proposed within any of Washington's 15 coastal counties. (See notes.)
How Much Will this Federal Consistency Cost?
Where Can I Get the Application for this Federal Consistency?
The application which is called 'Certificate of Consistency' is online and can be accessed at
Do I Need to Include Anything with my Application?
Provide Ecology with all necessary data and information required in Title 15, Ch IX, Part 930.39 Code of Federal Regulations.
Is the Decision on my Federal Consistency Dependent on Anything Besides the Information in my Application?
Yes, compliance with WCZMP six enforceable policies.
How Long Will it Take to Review my Application?
Ecology has 60 days for federal projects and 180 days for licenses, permits or funding projects to render a decision.
Where do I Submit my Application?
Department of Ecology - SEA Program
Federal Permit Coordinator
Post Office Box 47600
Olympia, Washington 98504-7600

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How Long is my Federal Consistency Valid?
For the length of the project.
What is the Appeal Process for the Federal Consistency?
Applicants may appeal to the Secretary of Commerce in accordance with Title 15, Ch IX, Part 930.125 Code of Federal Regulations. (see link below)
Notes / Comments:
Washington's 15 coastal counties include: Clallam, Grays Harbor, Island, Jefferson, King, Kitsap, Mason, Pacific, Pierce, San Juan, Skagit, Snohomish, Thurston, Wahkiakum, Whatcom.
Statewide Contact:
Department of Ecology
300 Desmond Drive
PO Box 47600
Olympia, WA 98504-7600
Telephone: (360) 407-6000
* Permit information last updated 8/17/2016
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